Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Ashley Johnson
Physical Information
Species Robot
Breed Dog
Gender Female
Personal Information
Affiliation Pound Puppies, Poochishita Incorporated
Family Milton Feltwaddle (former owner)
Leonard McLeish (temporary owner)
Strudel (friend)
First Appearance Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine

Toyoshiko, known as Toyo for short, is a super-intelligent robotic dog who was delivered to Shelter 17 by Milton Feltwaddle as a present for Leonard McLeish, but was really a spy model to spy on McLeish's "successful work" so Feltwaddle could improve his career. Toyo then became friends with Strudel and helped the Pound Puppies with their plans for a new tunnel but then when a rock fell on Toyo, she was forced to play back what she had recorded, causing Lucky to order Strudel to erase her memories to keep their operations secret. But, not wanting to lose her new friend, Strudel refused and attempted to escape with Toyo, but the robot dog knew what had to be done and, using a giant magnet, erased herself. Strudel later repaired Toyo, but this time, made sure she wouldn't be able to record them, and they can continue their friendship. Currently, Toyo's exact whereabouts are unknown, although it is likely that she is living in Strudel's lab.