Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date October 8, 2011
Written by Mark Drop
Directed by Greg Sullivan
Featured Puppies Strudel, Toyoshiko
Adoptee Toyoshiko
Adopter Strudel
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"Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine" is the fourteenth episode of season 1. It first aired October 8th, 2011 in the US.

When a robot dog named Toyoshiko arrives at the pound, Strudel finally meets someone who understands her.


Milton Feltwaddle gives McLeish a robot dog, Toyoshiko. Unbeknownst to McLeish or the Pound Puppies, Toyoshiko actually was sent to spy on McLeish, so that Feltwaddle could discover the secret to his success at getting so many dogs adopted. Toyoshiko meets the Pound Puppies, and makes friends with Strudel. They soon realize that McLeish's plans for a bigger pound threaten their tunnels. Strudel and Toyo work on a drill project (With the model of a bigger pound as the cone) that will make a new tunnel in no time.

Soon, a construction company arrives, and, while a bulldozer rolls overhead, a rock hits Toyo, and she shows a recording of the Pound Puppies talking. Lucky and Cookie want to erase Toyo's memory, but Strudel fights back, claiming that she and Toyo have memories saved in her.  Strudel and Toyo escape in Strudel's new machine, in a sewer. Strudel and Toyo get caught in a whirlpool, ending up saved by Lucky, Cookie, Niblet, and Squirt. Lucky tells Strudel that Toyo's memory must be erased, or everything they worked for will be lost. Strudel refuses. Then, Toyo does something unexpected, she races towards the magnet, erasing her memory. Meanwhile, Milton calls off the whole thing, due to the fact that McLeish no longer has Toyoshiko. All ends well for Strudel, as she and the squirrels fix Toyo, removing her video camera.


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Strudel: Stupendous!
Lucky: Strudel, what is it?
Strudel: You won't believe this, but if you multiply the diameter of the parking lot by the height of the fence, then divide it by the length of this kennel, you get Pi!
Niblet: Cherry or pumpkin?


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  • This is the only episode to feature Toyoshiko.
  • This episode is featured on the Pound Puppies: Puppy Love DVD.
  • The part where Toyoshiko erases her memories for the benefit of dog kind is a reference to the ending climax of the animated film, "The Iron Giant".