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Tyson is a Rottweiler who appeared in "King of the Heap" He was voiced by Clancy Brown.


Tyson liked portraying himself as a "tough dog", but in reality, he was quite mild-mannered.


The Pound Puppies set Tyson up to be adopted by Junkyard Jim, having him pretend to have just beaten up Cookie in order to appeal to Jim's desire for a tough dog. However, Niblet, having gotten a bee up his nose, started running wild, prompting Jim to take him instead.

Tyson and the Pound Puppies attempted to fix this, but by the time they found Niblet, he had become the new leader of the Junkyard Dogs, and wanted to stay. After Niblet's minions chased them off, the group encountered the old leader, Betty Bob, who explained that the power had gone to Niblet's head, as it once did to her's.

When burglars arrived at the junkyard, Niblet was too scared to do anything, so Tyson chased them off. Impressed, Jim adopted Tyson, giving him the name "Elvis", because he was "The King".

Tyson later made a brief appearance in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve."