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Yipper meets Lucky.

Yipper is a puppy who yips instead of barking. he appeared in "The Yipper Caper." He is voiced by Danny Cooksey.


Yipper had been to many dog pounds in his time, never finding his perfect person. When he was sent to Shelter 17, he was shown around by Lucky. Soon after, he encountered a boy named Billy who looked just like him, and realized the boy was his perfect person. Unfortunately, the boy was unable to adopt Yipper, as McLeish was too preoccupied with his latest publicity-garnering scheme to bother. Yipper was left heartbroken.

The Pound Puppies tried to find the boy through the delivery truck McLeish's kibble machine had been brought in. After they accidentally sabotaged the machine, Billy and his father returned, and Yipper was adopted, and given the new name "Bob."


  • Yipper is noticiably bigger than other puppies.
  • He is the first pup to be adopted, by the Pound Puppies.