Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by French Stewart
Physical Information
Species Dog-like Alien
Breed Pug
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliation Pound Puppies
Current Residence Crebulon (presumably)
Family Unnamed Alien Family
First Appearance "Zoltron (episode)"

Zoltron is a pug who claimed to be an alien from the planet Crebulon.


Zoltron was seen by everyone except for Niblet as a strange dog who had made up a story to cope with losing his family. He is also very commanding in his tone.



After getting separated from his family at an amusement park, he came to Shelter 17 to enlist the help of the Pound Puppies (inadvertantly scaring Olaf out of his mind). None of the team believed that Zoltron was an alien except for Niblet.

As they searched for Zoltron's owners, he was captured by a sci-fi geek who had been alerted to his existence by Olaf. The Pound Puppies freed Zoltron and returned him to his family, who looked human. As the others left, only Niblet saw their car change into a spaceship and fly up into space.