Season 1, Episode 15
Air date October 15, 2011
Written by Silvia Olivas
Directed by Jos Humphrey
Featured Puppies Niblet, Zoltron
Adoptee Girl Puppy, Zoltron
Adopter Randy, Unknown Family
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"Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine"
"The Really Weird Dog"

"Zoltron" is the fifteenth episode of season 1. It first aired October 15th, 2011 in the US.

When Zoltron is separated from his family during an outing, he seeks the help of the Pound Puppies, who soon find out that he may not be from Earth.


The episode begins with Olaf sweeping up the pound. Reaching the main gate, he is spooked by Zoltron, who is buzzing in an eerie tone. Olaf presumes that Zoltron is there because he is lost, but Zoltron gives Olaf the stink eye and (in the process) scares him. Olaf tries to hide in McLeish's office, only to discover that Zoltron has somehow beaten him there! Olaf tries to escape, but Zoltron defies logical conventions yet again and appears right outside the office door. Going crazy, Olaf places Zoltron behind the kennel fence, hoping that will keep Zoltron away from him.

Down in the Pound Puppies' HQ, Lucky is receiving reports from all of his operatives. Niblet adds in a last-minute report, but it's nothing serious to worry about.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Lucky: I think I have an idea. (Takes lid off of garbage can, revealing a girl puppy inside)
Girl Puppy: Hey, man, that's my roof you're messing with. Put it back. The metal blocks the gamma rays from the dog-catcher's pup-detector.
Lucky: Oh, sorry, strange, random puppy. (Puts lid back on can) That was weird, but then, what isn't lately?


  • This episode is featured in the Pound Puppies: Homeward Pound DVD.
  • There's a deleted scene when everyone's making the dog whistle. The original scene showed how Niblet got the broom that he broke. Olaf is raking leaves and sees a cardboard standee of Zoltron. He looks at it suspiciously but is then frightened. Niblet then steals the broom when Olaf isn't looking and Olaf looks back and is now searching for the missing broom.
  • The music that plays when the Dogs enter the Sci-Fi Con, sounds incredibly close to the Cantina Music from Star Wars.